Tournament Information

Niagara Battle is a tournament that will return spring tournaments back to traditional hockey and truly focus on enjoyment of the sport. Our goal will be to provide the best environment for these young athletes to display their skills while enjoying the game they love. We will provide traditional 3 period hockey games and not rush them in to 2 halves strictly to save 3 minutes of ice an hour, referees will be instructed to call the games according to the rules and not wave off icings or ignore penalties strictly because games are always running behind compromising player safety. We will properly manage schedules and invest in the extra ice to ensure properly spaced games. We will again invest in extra ice and commit to providing a consolation round so all teams in this tournament will have an equal opportunity to play Sunday with everyone advancing to a main or consolation Championship round which will also ensure good competition and best atmosphere for those in attendance. WE WILL DO THINGS RIGHT!

Our goal is to run a premium spring hockey tournament without premium spring hockey pricing. We have excellent facilities, we will have a reasonable entry fee, we will provide you with excellent value for you dollar, we will be well organized, we will operate with integrity, we will ensure that fun and competition are always part of the recipe and lastly, you have our full commitment that WE WILL BE PROFESSIONAL IN EVERYTHING WE DO.

Tournament Features

    • Reasonable Registration Fee $1749 (multi team or tournament discounts available)
    • NO GATE FEES!!
    • 4 game guarantee
    • 3 period games
    • 12-12-12 minute periods
    • AAA & AA/A divisions
    • *All teams guaranteed a playoff round game
    • Tournament MVP Awards
    • Real time online scoring and schedules

*8 team divisions or more

We look forward to hosting your team in Niagara in May!